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Rent vs Buy

Industry Insights on Renting vs Buying

Rent: If you're trying to keep costs to a minimum.

Because it's usually more affordable to rent decorative items than to purchase them, any couple who's trying to keep costs down should research prices at local rental companies. As an added bonus, renting decorative items is the more eco-friendly option to use rentals "as a way of keeping costs in check and keeping an event's environmental impact to a minimum." You can think of the event rental industry as a champion for re-use for those less-sentimental items you're unlikely to use again, renting is the way to go. And more often than not, you'll save money. Not only are linens expensive to buy, but they are also time-consuming to clean, fold, press, and store.

If you rent your wedding decorations, you may be able to make a more economical choice than purchasing them. This means that if you are on a tight budget for your wedding, renting is a smart option


                  There are options

                              Celebrate at Home

“More than ever before weddings will be held at home. An at home wedding provides a very special memory as well as complete control over the place you are getting married. Plus, the most exclusive locations in North America are already booked through 2022 some into spring of 2023.”-Bryan Rafanelli

“An at-home wedding is where it’s at! Our clients are seeing their own backyard or living room with a whole new set of lenses.” -Fallon Carter

“Hosting your wedding at your home or your family’s home has always been one of my favorite places to create a wedding backdrop—there is something so magical about seeing a bride coming out of her home to walk down the aisle. A home wedding immediately creates a sense of intimacy and hospitality. Plus, in 2021, clients feel they have more control over regulations and shutdowns if it is on their own property.” -Jennifer Zabinski

What ever your need may be , please reach out to us for all your rental needs.

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